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Faculty of International Relations

Speciality: International Relations


  • International relations and diplomatics;
  • International law;
  • International economic affairs;

Qualification: Specialist in international relations (minor in a foreign language).

Courses: full-time

Training programmes of the core courses:

  • History of diplomatics;
  • World political map;
  • International relations and foreign policy;
  • Geopolitics and geostrategy;
  • Foreign policy of the countries of Europe;
  • Foreign policy of the countries of Northern America;
  • Foreign policy of the countries of Asia;
  • Foreign policy of the countries of Africa;
  • International organizations;
  • UNO in the system of international relations;
  • Ukraine in the European Union;
  • Diplomatic and consular service;
  • International trade;
  • Information systems in the international relations;
  • Global economy;
  • Information technologies in the international relations;
  • Two foreign languages;
  • Business communication and etiquette;

Graduates with a degree in international relations go into the traditionally wide range of occupations in diplomatic and consular services, customs agencies, and departments of foreign trade, finance, investment and crediting.
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